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image of rounded glass building interior with concrete, latticed frameBlog
What Healthcare Organizations Need to Know about Blockchain
Brian Wells and Tej Luthra review the promise as well as the initial challenges facing blockcha
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image of glass-paneled building with blue and orange gradientPress Release
Merlin Wins $200 Million in Enterprise-Wide Technology Contracts
Merlin receives awards supporting VA and DHS to provide access to significant new technologies
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image of dimly-lit modern building interiorBlog
Reflections on HIMSS Discussions
When it comes to data security, nearly all Healthcare organizations are challenged to find the
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image of glass-paneled building with blue and orange gradientBlog
A Healthy Plan: The Three Critical Components of a Successful Identity and Access Management Strategy
We outline the three critical components of a successful Identity and Access Management strateg
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image of rounded hotel interior with central glass columnBlog
Rise of Patient-Connected Devices Requires Commitment to Proven Cybersecurity Practices
Merlin is an expert in the latest trends in healthcare technology and cybersecurity. We offer t
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image of glass dome with latticed metal frameBlog
How Healthcare Organizations Can Reduce the Cybersecurity Risks of IoT
Healthcare organizations should take proactive steps that respond to both the technological & h
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image of bottom-up view of building with blue sky and sun aboveBlog
What Healthcare Organizations Should Consider Before Migrating to the Cloud
Before you migrate to the cloud, it is important to determine whether these 4 key consideration
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