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While rule and signature-based solutions offer some protection against pre-identified threats, the reality is that attacks consistently evade these and get inside your network. Powered by unsupervised machine learning, Darktrace’s Cyber AI responds to these threats before they become a crisis.

Cyber AI is a self-learning technology – like the human immune system, it learns “on the job,” from the data and activity that it observes. This means making billions of probability-based calculations in light of evolving evidence. This self-learning ability enables Cyber AI to uncover rare and previously unseen patterns in information, amid the noise of everyday activity across an organization’s digital systems. By detecting subtle deviations from the organization’s “pattern of life,” it can distinguish friend from foe – and highlight true cyber threats or attacks that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Key Features and Benefits

Automate Investigative Processes

By learning from a rich data set built up over thousands of AI deployments worldwide, the technology executes expert investigations at machine-speed, achieving significant time savings for security analysts

Monitor Abnormal Behavior Across Cloud and SaaS

Unlike policy-based controls, the immune system understands the human behind every trusted account in the cloud, providing a unified detection engine that can correlate the weak and subtle signals of an advanced attack

Visualize Threats

Gain total visibility of behavior in your digital infrastructure, including cloud services, SaaS, on-premises networks and email with real-time visibility that allows for on-demand investigations and proactive threat hunting——giving you confidence about the true status of your infrastructure at any one time

Autonomous Response

Cyber AI calculates the best action to take, in the shortest period of time, to effectively respond to a cyberattack

Modernize Email Security

Spot subtle deviations that reveal even the most targeted, novel attacks before they can make an impact

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