Cybersecurity Strategy Starts Here

Know your endpoints and know your users

Endpoint Discovery and Control

You can't protect what you can't see


3 out of 5 IT Security Professionals rely on manual processes

Security Analytics and Intelligence

NOC and SOC: A single pane of glass

Identifying All Devices on a Network

At Merlin, we believe that an effective cybersecurity strategy starts with accurately identifying all devices on a network. And by “all” devices we truly mean any device that connects to a wired or wireless (Wi-Fi, Zigbee, etc.) network. This includes end-user computers, mobile devices, servers, IoT (pumps, monitors, robots, etc.), OT (lighting, HVAC, sensors, cameras, etc.) and the layers of network infrastructure the devices connect to. This device inventory needs to be continuously monitored and new device admission must be centrally controlled to ensure new threats are not introduced.

A Single Point of Administration and Governance

The second major piece of a cybersecurity strategy is a single point of administration and governance of the identity of all users with access to the devices and applications that are critical to the operation of the business. This consolidated view of users, roles, entitlements, and privileges is a prerequisite for effectively dealing with the leading source of cybersecurity incidents –internal staff. As with devices, continuous monitoring and comparison of expected access vs. real access is required.

An Advanced Analytics and Intelligence Platform

The third and final piece of the puzzle is an advanced cybersecurity analytics and intelligence platform that aggregates, consolidates and integrates all cybersecurity tool output related to devices, user behavior, and known or emerging external threats. This warehouse of cybersecurity tool exhaust can then be mined for new threat discovery, historical trends and response automation using NLP, AI, predictive analytics and other cognitive computing methods.

VA Health Information & Technology Architecture

Merlin replaces Department of Veterans Affairs VistA optical imaging solution

Merlin replaced VA VistA's legacy optical imaging solution with an intelligent file management system to meet expanding imaging storage requirements. The goal was to integrate state-of-the-art commercial technologies within the existing VistA infrastructure that would address the VA’s expanding requirements, enable access across all VA medical facilities and be flexible enough to rapidly respond to future demand increases.

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Merlin provided all integration services for the hardware and software components, migrated the medical imaging data from the legacy optical solution, provided training for applicable VA users, and continues to provide ongoing operational support and maintenance to optimize storage infrastructure and virtualization for capture, retention, management, and transmission of medical imagery.

  • Stores more than 4.5B medical images
  • Tracks more than 1.3M unique patients per month
  • FDA Certified solution
  • Captures over 39M new images per month

The number of medical images stored for mandated seventy-five year period.