Cybersecurity Hygiene

What's your cybersecurity health score?

Cyber Observer is a Comprehensive Awareness & Management Solution that delivers continuous visibility across your entire enterprise cybersecurity ecosystem. Developed for CISOs, senior infosec, and IT managers, Cyber Observer provides unlimited domain views for all stakeholders. By connecting to the security and related 3rd-party vendor tool suite Cyber Observer provides insights and recommendations to empower effective enterprise cyber defense.

  • End-to-end security posture visibility
  • Near real time analytics and alerts
  • Proactive recommendations for optimal protection

Cybersecurity you can measure

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Cybersecurity tool score
Verify that your tools are configured correctly and securely.


Near real-time view of your overall cybersecurity posture


Real-time recommendations on ensuring your environment has the tool coverage necessary to meet your framework requirements


Proactive recommendations for optimal protection