NOC and SOC: a single pane of glass

Security Analytics and Intelligence

Reduce risk, prevent attacks, achieve goals

The healthcare industry realized in the last decade that aggregated and normalized clinical, financial and administrative data along with powerful analytics was key to assuming more financial risk, realizing incentive targets, improving quality and reducing cost.

Today the security industry is coming to a similar realization towards the varied goals of reducing threat risk, detecting and preventing attacks, achieving compliance and reducing the cost of successful attacks.

Merlin Cyber7

By aligning and combining output data from multiple security tools, Merlin’s Cyber7 product will provide these capabilities and benefits, including a single pane of glass for NOC and SOC to assess threats tied to application/system SLAs; advanced visualization of threat and affected systems prioritized by severity and risk; and cognitive computing to assist with event correlation, time alignment, categorization and recommended response.

Also included in Merlin Cyber7:

  • Automated Threat Detection
  • Natural Language Search
  • Evidence-based remediation and response
  • Real-time integration of large data feeds

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