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The Way the Public Sector Buys
Has Changed – Have You?

Gone are the days of walking the halls of public sector agencies. Also gone are the days of carpet-bombing thousands of government prospects with unsolicited emails and phone calls. After all, less than 1 percent of such activities actually yield any revenue. In fact, if you are still doing this, chances are you’re leaving a negative impression about your company and solution – putting time and money behind things that are working against the very objective you set out to achieve.

The reason is simple. Today many government buyers and influencers do most of their buying research anonymously online before they engage a vendor or partner – activity often referred to as the “dark funnel.” If you lack insight into this dark funnel, you are merely waiting and hoping that your solution is under consideration, and by the time buyers may become known, it is often too late to influence their buying decision.

At the same time, many companies lack deep market intelligence about the public sector – where budgets are allocated, who holds the purse strings, and how to message and reach key decision makers. Without this level of intelligence and expertise, it’s no wonder why companies believe that in order to pursue the public sector, it requires significant investment in inside sales representatives blasting massive email campaigns with generic messaging, dialing for dollars, sponsoring big conferences and events, and pushing paper. This used to be chalked up as  a “cost of doing business” in the public sector. No more – we changed the game.

We know where the budget dollars-1

We know where the budget dollars are flowing and what opportunities exist.

We track and monitor cybersecurity spending and budget allocations for public sector agencies. We then map those budgets to program priorities.

We know where the budget dollars-1
We know what IT architectures

We know what IT architectures and technologies are used in agencies.

Overlaying the budget allocations and program priorities with an understanding of the architectures and technologies being used in agencies is essential to properly position cybersecurity solutions. Our Labs team of cybersecurity architects and engineers provides technical guidance and expertise.

We know what IT architectures

We know who the high-value contacts are within target public sector accounts.

Buying decisions are often made by committee in the public sector. Understanding who the buyers, decision makers, and influencers are in different accounts – and how they relate to each other – enables us to most efficiently point go-to-market efforts with precision.

We know what IT architectures
We know where the hottest public sector

We know where the hottest public sector activity is – and we have those relationships.

The public sector is a market of reputation and interconnected relationships that takes years to establish. We leverage our 25+ years of reputation and relationships to help our partners access the government.

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