EPIC Employee: Sarah Hensley

Merlin Cyber is a trusted advisor and source of cybersecurity innovation for the U.S. Federal Government. We’ve earned this reputation over the last 25 years thanks in large part to our dedicated and driven employees. From executive leadership on down, our team members bring Excellence, Passion, Integrity, and Courage to everything they do. Today we shine the spotlight on Sarah Hensley, Vice President of Cloud Solutions for Merlin Cyber.



What are the biggest challenges you see in the cybersecurity industry? If you could, what would you fix?

The speed at which the technology landscape is evolving and the disintegration of the traditional network perimeter. Security experts face constantly-moving goalposts regarding what needs to be protected, where and when it needs to be protected, from whom, and finally how. Only by keeping current on both computing trends and threat landscapes – and continuously revisiting how to best protect your people, data, and assets in a prioritized fashion – will cybersecurity investments be fully leveraged.

What motivates you?

Creatively solving new and difficult problems by taking an unconventional approach and sometimes embracing less-than-industry-standard solutions. Improving the lives of real people is what it’s all about. As long as I’m inventing a better way to identify, analyze, and solve their challenges, it doesn’t feel like work.

What is your hidden talent or a favorite hobby?

Because of my earlier career as a medical speech and language pathologist, I bring a cognitive science and clinical background to delivering IT solutions. Being able to create the right rehabilitation plans that leverage and augment patient skills transfers beautifully to crafting the right solutions for our IT technology users. As for hobbies, something I really enjoy is decorating, working on (and in), and spending time in my very own "she-shed" in the backyard!


What’s an alternative career path you could see yourself doing?

I believe I was destined to be a college professor and could see myself as a researcher, author, and teacher in any number of areas. Maybe this will be my “not-really-retirement” job.

Our Employees are EPIC

Excellence in all endeavors
Be the best. Be purposeful. Open and honest communication.
Passion in every effort
Positive energy. Pride of workmanship. Fueled by customer success.
Integrity in our actions
Act with good intentions. Mutual respect. Keep your word.
Courage in innovation
Creative freedom. Perpetual exploration. Embrace the edge.

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