Stepping up security with speed during the Covid-19 crisis

We are witnessing unprecedented times. Times that test our aptitude, abilities, and resilience. It’s during these critical times that organizations need to lean on cybersecurity innovation to help them confidently navigate uncharted waters. And they need a partner they can rely on to help them do that quickly and efficiently.

At Merlin, we bring best-in-class cybersecurity brands together with emerging technologies to deliver groundbreaking solutions purpose-built to help you tackle your most vexing cybersecurity challenges. Whether you need to secure remote workers or gain greater visibility and control across your enterprise, we are here to help you get it done. We are fortunate to work with amazing partners who are pitching in during this time of crisis to support your security needs with speed and flexibility. Here is an overview of just a few of our partners and how we can help you quickly meet cybersecurity needs:


Time is essential. If you need to ensure the security of remote collaboration in light of mandatory work-from-home requirements, Wickr’s end-to-end encrypted enterprise collaboration platform helps you create and manage secure networks in hours.

Wickr is designed from the ground up to act as the foundational secure collaboration platform for security operations. Wickr has taken battle-tested secure communications and collaboration and built deep integrations with productivity and security tooling. The result is a communications and collaboration platform which allows network defenders and mission owners to ensure that they are able to securely carry through with their communication and response processes during incidents.

Protecting credentials is essential to maintaining a solid security posture. CyberArk’s Privileged Access Management (PAM) solution does just that.

CyberArk is the global leader in privileged access management, a critical layer of IT security to protect data, infrastructure and assets across the enterprise, in the cloud and throughout the DevOps pipeline. CyberArk delivers the industry’s most complete solution to reduce the risk created by privileged credentials and secrets.


As employees work remotely, now is the time to implement and modernize your identity and access management with Zero Trust — an essential security control during this COVID-19 crisis.

The Okta Identity Cloud is a secure, reliable and scalable platform that provides comprehensive identity management, enabling customers to secure their users and connect them to technology and applications, anywhere, anytime and from any device.


Remote workers need a VPN or a smart, secure alternative. Netskope Private Access can be implemented very quickly to help ensure users are securely accessing essential apps and other resources.

Netskope Security Cloud enables enterprises to extend their data security and threat protection policies to users and data, wherever they may be. Including approved and unapproved cloud apps, public cloud infrastructures, websites, and private apps in data centers or in the cloud.

How PAM Can Protect Feds From Third Party/Service Account Cyber Attacks

How PAM Can Protect Feds From Third Party/Service Account Cyber Attacks

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