Webcast: Zeroing in on Application and Data (Federal 0 Trust Maturity)

Agencies are aggressively adopting Zero Trust principles. But, while agencies strive to meet requirements, what roadblocks do they face? Which of OMB’s Zero Trust security pillars (identity, device, network, application, and data) are taking precedence, and which are falling behind? Along with MeriTalk, we surveyed more than 150 federal cybersecurity executives to explore momentum, priorities, and challenges around the evolution to zero trust.


DoD agencies are significantly more likely than civilian agencies to see the Application pillar as critical to achieving zero trust. But why is that, and does the Data pillar fit in agency priorities? On June 1, in the final piece of a four-part webinar series, we sat down with IT industry and public sector experts to specifically address the Application and Data pillars of CISA’s Zero Trust Maturity Model. We discussed optimal maturity, progress to date with Application and Data implementation, and expected challenges in inventory management, access authorization, governance capability, and automation and orchestration capability.

Watch this recording for answers to:

  • Where do Application and Data rank in terms of agencies’ zero trust priorities?
  • Which of CISA’s Application and Data goals will be the most challenging to achieve?
  • What specific challenges do agencies face while implementing these pillars?
  • Where do agencies need support around the Application and Data pillars to successfully implement zero trust?
  • What best practices are we seeing as agencies leverage M-22-01 to improve application security?

How PAM Can Protect Feds From Third Party/Service Account Cyber Attacks

How PAM Can Protect Feds From Third Party/Service Account Cyber Attacks

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