Merlin Interchangeable Nominal Tokens (MINT)

Fast, flexible and simple access to critical cybersecurity tools


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Our new Merlin Interchangeable Nominal Token (MINT) program enables public sector customers to procure cybersecurity products from one or more vendors with optimal flexibility. With MINT, Federal, State, and Local government organizations can redeem tokens for a variety of tool and service needs, including:

  • Cloud-based SaaS subscriptions
  • On-prem subscription or
    term-based licensing
  • Perpetual licenses with maintenance and support
  • Renewal of maintenance and support for perpetual licenses
  • Professional services associated with any MINT vendors
  • Training associated with any MINT vendors
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Expanding your business into the public sector is daunting – it typically requires significant budget, time, technical certifications, and market expertise. Software companies that simply plug into the Merlin platform, however, can rapidly grow and scale their businesses in the public sector.


One MINT equals one U.S. Dollar and the program’s tokens can be redeemed for any vendor products in Merlin’s portfolio. MINT program participants receive access to a customer portal where they can add tokens, redeem tokens, and review their purchasing history. Volume discounts for purchase quantities of MINT may be available, and additional benefits and savings can be negotiated upon token redemption.

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Click below to inquire about specific tools available through MINT including for CDM APL needs or if you are a world class cybersecurity tool provider interested in participating.

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