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Real-time, full-stack artificial intelligence for IT Operations


Centerity is a leading AIOps platform for on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments. The platform seamlessly gathers and organizes data from complex IT, IoT, and IIoT assets into dynamic business service dashboards. These assets include all applications and IT and operational systems throughout the technology stack that support business services.

Centerity collects and correlates key metrics across the enterprise to ensure the availability, performance, and security of critical digital business processes. Continually evaluating against established service-level agreements while incorporating artificial intelligence and machine learning, the platform analytically and proactively guarantees that critical service level objectives are met. The result is a data-rich solution that reduces mean time to repair (MTTR) by up to 80 percent.

centerity AIOps platform
A Comprehensive Way to Deliver Business Value Across the Tech Stack

Centerity is the only enterprise-class AIOps platform that provides end-to-end visibility into any technical environment followed by real-time visualization of all technology-enabled business services. Through Centerity, administrators, managers, and executives can improve collaboration throughout their organizations while maintaining quality and achieving business goals. With Centerity, enterprises enhance:

Key Features and Benefits


Examine your entire enterprise across a complex ecosystem of IT, IoT and IIoT assets


Map the relationships within complex multi-cloud environments


Get clear insights into application performance and infrastructure to resolve issues


Get a full view of the risk to your organization


Be proactive and smarter when developing remediation and prevention capabilities

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