Modern software requires a modern software security approach

Digital transformation thrusts application development into the forefront, making virtually every business a software business. This creates immense opportunities as well as challenges. The evolution of legacy applications and the launch of new ones enables organizations to deliver unparalleled customer experiences, tap new revenue opportunities, and drive operational efficiencies. But this expanded application attack surface results in greater risk that cannot be resolved without a different application security approach. Contrast Security meets this challenge with security that is embedded within software using instrumentation—from development into production—for pinpoint accuracy.


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The move to modern software security


Legacy application security takes an outside-in approach, which results in piles of false positives and negatives and incurs high costs and inefficiencies. Instead, Contrast takes an inside-out platform approach using instrumentation that accelerates development cycles while removing the friction legacy approaches create between development, security, and operations teams.


Unleash DevOps

Contrast removes security roadblocks by empowering developers to uncover vulnerabilities early and reduce costly and timeconsuming headaches later. Contrast extends security left so that developers can fix vulnerabilities while writing code, and right to protect running software.


Scale AppSec

Contrast deploys a unified application security platform across the software development life cycle without requiring specialized security skills and additional workload infrastructure.


Eliminate Noise

Contrast overcomes the issues of vulnerability overload and inaccurate alerts by eliminating false positives and enabling developers to focus on vulnerabilities that pose a true risk.

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