Autonomous breach protection

Cynet’s Sensor Fusion™ technology powers the world’s first autonomous breach protection platform, overcoming the limits of siloed and manually-operated solutions. The platform provides complete automation of monitoring and control, attack prevention and detection, and response orchestration across the entire environment.

Sensor Fusion continuously collects and analyzes data across the entire environment, including memory-based execution, network traffic behavior, user account activity, and file access. This data provides visibility into the entire environment, enabling proactive discovery and monitoring and control of any exposed attack surface. The platform combines all these input sources to understand the complete context of each individual event, yielding unparalleled threat prevention and detection accuracy. This enables the safe automation of response workflows for all detected threats with zero human intervention.

Key Features and Benefits

Immediate Insights

Unique context into each event through analysis of activity signals, enabling full network discovery and inventory visibility

Monitoring & Control

Centralized visibility interface showing all endpoint configurations, installed software, process execution, network traffic, and user activity, enabling operators to continuously optimize asset management and proactively reduce exposed attack surfaces.

Attack Prevention & Detection

Full visibility across endpoints, networks and users, along with deception technology, to detect otherwise undetectable attacks.

Response Orchestration

Fully automated investigations, findings, and remediation workflows with the ability to use pre-built and custom scripts and playbooks.

Modernize Email Security

Spot subtle deviations that reveal even the most targeted, novel attacks before they can make an impact

Additional Materials

Solution Brief: Cynet 360 Autonomous Breach Protection

Solution Brief: Autonomous Breach Protection

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