Simplifying secure access

Cyolo helps enterprises provide their global workforce with convenient and secure access to applications, resources, workstations, servers, and files, regardless of location or device used. The adaptive solution covers the wide range of access today’s companies have to account for, from privileged users to third parties to remote workers and more. While other Zero Trust architecture (ZTA) providers keep customer passwords, user data, tokens, access policies, and private keys inside their cloud, Cyolo enables that information to reside with the customers. In addition, the solution is platform agnostic, agentless and integrates fully into any environment.

Key Features and Benefits

Real Zero Trust

Say goodbye to the tunneling era and enable secure connectivity to resources without providing network access. Cyolo offers a safer architecture, with no valuable information kept in the cloud at any time.

Fast, Simple & Flexible

Cyolo makes it faster to deploy and easier than ever to secure access to legacy and on-prem applications, fully supporting today’s complex business needs.

One Platform For All Needs

Enjoy secure access while providing control and visibility. Cyolo makes it easy for users and suppliers to access any app and resource, allowing Security and IT teams to regain control.

Additional Materials

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