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The TIC 3.0-aligned SASE solution that securely accelerates digital transformation

FedRAMP authorized, Netskope provides a secure access service edge (SASE) solution today that is based on architecture they started from the beginning. Their cloud security platform was architected to be cloud-native, truly unified, and built on microservices. They also architected the Netskope platform to be data-centric, cloud-smart, and fast, which aligns with the core SASE functionality.

When considering a SASE solution, you should avoid stitched -together offerings. The Netskope Cloud Security Platform provides unrivaled visibility and real-time data and threat protection when accessing cloud services, websites, and private apps from anywhere, on any device. Netskope is the most complete offering for SASE and trusted enterprise wide by federal agencies. It’s the only FedRAMP authorized SASE solution with all-in-one CASB, SWG, CSPM, and Zero Trust Private Access and can be easily provisioned though the AWS marketplace.

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Key Features and Benefits

Protect Data and Users Everywhere

Data-centric approach to cloud security, protecting data and users everywhere

Safely Enable the Cloud and Web

Granular control for thousands of cloud services enabling you to target risky activities and safely enable the cloud

Deliver Security that is Fast and Scalable

A truly scalable cloud security platform that can address enterprise needs

netskope solution

Additional Materials

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