Extend secure authentication and Zero Trust to all sensitive assets

In today’s perimeterless networks, it is no longer possible to assume trust. This is because countless different users, devices and systems communicate with each other across dynamic on-premises and cloud environments. Validation of user identities and continuous analysis of risk and trust levels are becoming essential, especially for those looking to implement a zero trust security approach. Implementing secure authentication and access system-by-system with agents and proxies is not realistic, however, nor will it provide the needed results.

Silverfort’s unique agentless and proxyless solution is possible thanks to a combination of several innovative technologies:

  • Ability to monitor authentication and access requests without agents or proxies
  • Non-intrusive analysis of encrypted authentication protocols
  • Holistic and continuous AI-driven risk analysis

Key Features and Benefits

Risk-based Authentication

Maximize security and prevent attacks while reducing disruptions to the workforce

Secure Cloud Migration

Securing access to migrated applications without agents, proxies or code changes

Protecting Service Accounts

AI-driven Risk Engine to continuously analyze the behavior of service accounts

Proxyless Zero Trust Environment

Harness the power of an agentless and proxyless solutions

Video - Silverfort Introduction
Video - Silverfort Diagram

Additional Materials

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Adaptive Authentication White Paper

White Paper: Secure Remote Access with Zero Trust

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