Eliminate the Strain

Fundamental health hygiene is more important now than ever before. The same holds true for cyber hygiene – this is your foundation for proactive cyber defense. We’re already seeing cyber criminals, as well as nation state sponsors, taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation by attacking hospitals, corporate enterprises, supply chains, as well as senior executives with a variety of phishing scams, malware deployments, and attacks designed to penetrate vulnerabilities in the network.

The strain being put on your remote employees to access your network is immense. In order to ensure the security of your enterprise infrastructure and to step up to ensure business continuity, you need to understand and maintain pristine cyber hygiene on your existing network VPN, firewalls, endpoints as well as remote access.

Implementing a cyber hygiene monitoring tool like Cyber Observer enables you to track and score cybersecurity in near real time. By continuously measuring the status of your security environment with Critical Security Controls from relevant security tools, Cyber Observer empowers you to make insightful decisions to help you ensure the security you have in place is doing what it is intended to do while equipping you with the data and knowledge you need to make the right risk-based decisions. The platform provides a comprehensive view of enterprise Cyber Readiness to improve your ability to prevent and detect cyber-attacks.

As important as it is to assess personal health, now is the time to also assess your cybersecurity health. Doing so with Cyber Observer gives your security team confidence and control, and enables them to concentrate their time on mission- and business-critical priorities.

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How PAM Can Protect Feds From Third Party/Service Account Cyber Attacks

How PAM Can Protect Feds From Third Party/Service Account Cyber Attacks

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