Gain complete control and visibility of 50K endpoints in just 48 hours

Congress is working on another coronavirus relief package and telework measures are among the provisions being discussed. One group of senators is urging Congress to maintain maximum telework for federal employees throughout the pandemic. Another group of senators wants to see additional funding for upgrading agency IT systems. As they await a final bill and begin making decisions on end-of-fiscal-year dollars, federal agencies should strongly consider investments that enable effective telework, at scale, for the foreseeable future.

1E’s Tachyon is one such investment. Tachyon is a real-time, modern endpoint management solution that simultaneously improves employee experience and IT monitoring and remediation of devices. The single-agent platform is efficient, easy to deploy, and entirely API driven. All its capabilities can be leveraged through ServiceNow or used to augment tools such as Splunk and Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM). These robust integrations remove the need for multiple agents and provide federal agencies with several benefits.

Seamless Telework Experience

Tachyon gives IT teams enterprise-wide visibility of their devices from a single dashboard. Synthetic “microtransactions” periodically test the impact of a load on the environment to help identify processes that are interfering with normal operations, and how. This helps IT accurately gauge device responsiveness and performance. With so many employees working remotely, the ability to see in real-time who’s working vs. who’s having issues is vital to improving the end-user experience.

Ticketing Workflow Automation & Reduction

Integrating with ServiceNow, Tachyon’s functionality can be accessed directly through a single console for incident tracking and remediation. Help desk staff can diagnose and fix issues directly from the ServiceNow admin page, significantly improving response rates and response times on incidents. Also, with Tachyon running in the background, remote workers get an enhanced version of ServiceNow’s virtual agent that enables self-servicing for common issues.

Real-Time Response & Remediation

IT staff can query endpoints and perform actions in a matter of seconds with Tachyon. When issues pop up, staff can address them by taking real-time control of endpoints across any of their environments. They can also prevent issues from replicating on other devices by setting new enterprise-wide policy controls. This proactive maintenance feature automates many mostly manual IT processes, bringing substantial efficiencies.

Tachyon’s Core Modules
cloud security and compliance Tachyon’s Experience module provides a dashboard that monitors employee experience across all endpoints.
security and compliance The Explorer module enables real-time diagnostics and remediation of every endpoint. IT staff can ask questions and give instructions in natural language.
endpoint managed services The Guaranteed State module ensures configuration and compliance for every endpoint.
endpoint privilege management The Patch Success module provides real-time patch status information so that IT has continuous visibility into the state of the organization’s endpoints.

Put Tachyon to the Test

Merlin is currently offering federal agencies a 48-hour implementation of Tachyon against the tool’s two main endpoint use cases: visibility and control. After initial requirements are fulfilled by the customer, the rapid implementation of Tachyon will be structured like this:

Day 1 (Visibility): Setup, pilot group, and testing

  • Stand up required infrastructure
  • Install 1E client in a pilot group of endpoints
  • Test the software in your environment
  • Gain complete visibility of all remote devices

Day 2 (Control): Analysis, roll out, and collaboration

  • Analyze performance data from Day 1
  • Gain control of remote devices and fix any issues
  • Expand 1E client beyond pilot endpoints
  • Enable core teams to use Tachyon

1E will provide a dedicated solutions expert, at no cost, who will help fast track the deployment of the platform in your environment. This two-day implementation can be used to manage up to 50,000 remote devices.

If your agency needs to modernize its endpoint management to enable maximum telework, scale-up ticketing and remediation with automation and self-service, and maintain a proper security and compliance posture, we can demo Tachyon and customize a solution to meet your objectives.

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