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Section 4: Supply Chain

Section Overview

Section 4 establishes baseline security standards for developing software—especially critical software—that is sold to government, including requiring developers to have greater visibility into their software and making security data publicly available. This section also creates a public-private process to develop new and innovative approaches for secure software development, helps the government use its buying power to ensure software security standards are met, and creates a pilot program where products have labels confirming they were developed securely.

Eo Section Section-4

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) will develop federal guidelines for software security. These guidelines will include standards, procedures, or criteria covering:

  1. Securing software development environments
  2. Generating and providing artifacts that demonstrate conformance
  3. Ensuring code integrity with automation or comparable tools/processes
  4. Using automation or comparable tools/processes to regularly check for known and potential vulnerabilities and remediate them
  5. Participating in a vulnerability disclosure program

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